Rock Global Investment Network provides hands-on bespoke financial intelligence education that aims to equip existing and potential private investors, market operators such as brokers and market makers with an understanding of the functions of the international capital market - Stock Exchange and its markets, and to assist such investors in the selection of investments appropriate to their needs and circumstances.
All of our experts have excelled in their careers and will share with you how to excel in yours
Our team comprises people with real-life financial markets, corporate and government experience and a proven track record of training banking & finance professional internationally. We know our business so we can train yours. .
We keep it simple. That´s our word.
Our international trainers have real financial know-how and human resources management gained over many years with global banks and financial institutions.
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Training Approach

We deliver technical financial training and human capital development in a simple way.

We believe in simplicity. You probably heard that Stock Trading is risky, expensive and complicated. Well, that's where Rock Global comes in. Our team prides itself on our expert knowledge, meticulous planning, attention to detail, quality of service delivery and above all, our passion for clients. We endeavour to offer our discerning clientele an efficient cost effective and targeted means of ensuring that employees are provided with the knowledge and skills they require to compete to win.

With our international resource persons we can provide these trainings at the comfort of your environment and at date and times chosen by and convenient to you. It can be done for small or large groups We also offer open programmes throughout the year at various commercial centres of the world
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List of Courses

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