A few words about us

You have made the right decision. Rock Global Investment Network is results oriented and deliver cutting- edge courses to sector-specific trainings and seminars.

One of the world’s best training and Consultancy companies. Rock Global Investment Network provide Financial Intelligence Education to private individuals who seek financial freedom through our stock market education and entrepreneurship delivering effective results through high-quality advice, expert training and practical support.

We produce international executive trainings, consultancy and courses world wide. Rock Global Investment Network is dedicated to work with our clients with a view to attaining their corporate goals. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our experienced international training team and we are quite prepared to discuss your specific training needs and to suggest proactive solution. Rock Global Investment Network is customer-focused and seek to add value to their businesses by involving them in all that we do.

Rock Global Investment Network is committed to innovative ideas, integrity and excellence. Our passion at Rock Global is to develop a pool of talented individuals who will attain their full capabilities, providing benefits for their employers and to themselves. As an international development institution, the attainment of Millennium Development Goals for the nations is our ultimate goal and we offer our services to countries around the world for this purpose.

Our advantages

We keep simple. It's our promise. Based in the UK the financial capital of the world and with offices in the US, Europe, Dubai (UAE) and Nigeria, can reach you anywhere you are in the world. We combine knowledge and experience in African Business with our expertise in European and American exposure to create real value to your businesses.

International accredited qualifications. Our portfolio of programmes is built on 7 PILLARS and attracts a truly diverse client-base seeking to acquire the latest international business standards, risk management, financial products and corporate governance issues .

Our trainers have a crop of tested, highly skilled international experts in the field of Central Banking, Investment Strategy and management who together have over 100 years of relevant experience in practice

What we offer

Rock Global Training and Consultancy is engaged in three specific areas including Training, Consultancy and Private Fund Management. The trainings cover a range of topics in various key sectors of the economy such as Banking and Finance, Strategy, Senior Management Development, Strategic Business Analysis, Financial Accounting, Forecasting and Modeling, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance Investment Banking, Risk Management, Pension Fund Strategies, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Capital Market, Project Finance, Micro Finance, Entrepreneurship, Government and Stock Exchange Trading.

Our training and consulting areas include: