Private Fund Management

Rock Global Investment Network provides highly professional & confidential financial solutions.

Our independent fund research department gives us the opportunity to find the most successful mutual funds including third party mutual funds for our clients. We offer our own in-house asset management fund portfolios but at the same timeĀ - thanks to the extensive research. We are also able to give you advice on all external mutual funds worldwide. If you are interested in a tailor made solutions, we are the right person to contact.

The Investment Funds offer an attractive and comprehensive range of first-class fund products and services. Our funds are appropriate as elements of asset management or targeted individual investments in a particular market, granting you access to the world's key financial markets.

We also develop and manage funds on behalf of third parties (private label solutions).

In order to generate added value for you, we have an active investment style and our portfolio allocations may deliberately deviate from the benchmark index. Shared, sustainable success is important to us. That's why, in everything we do, we pay especially close attention to the long-term consequences of our actions.

The services are usually offered to clients with assets of a minimum of $500,000 USD. But even with lower amounts of funds, if you feel, that you qualify as a potential client for our advisory group, because you need an international estate planning structure, offshore trust or foundation for your assets or simply look for an appropriate Bank for your funds, do not hesitate to contact us

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