Investment Training

Rock Global Investment Network provides hands-on bespoke financial intelligence education that aims to equip existing and potential private investors, market operators such as brokers and market makers with an understanding of the functions of the international capital market- Stock Exchange and its markets, and to assist such investors in the selection of investments appropriate to their needs and circumstances.

Our courses are designed to enlighten and create enthusiasm in the market place which will have a positive impact on the over all market performance. They also aim to carry the government, the Stock Exchange and the industry along.

To achieve the above objectives we have structured our courses along product lines or investment style and types so as to give investors many alternatives and choices that cater for the various types of investor.

In particular, our courses examine the theory and practice of investment in the international capital market including USA, Europe, Asia and the emerging markets and corporate securities, and the sophisticated world of options.

They explain the operations of the main markets - dealing procedures and the roles of brokers and market-makers - and offers practical guidance to investment in areas such as assessing a company's prospects, new issues and taxation.

We have the passion and mission of equipping people with this potent tool of moneymaking through trading and investing in the Stock Market NO MATTER THE DIRECTION OF THE MARKET-UP, DOWN OR SIDE WAYS.

Making money or becoming rich is dependent on one's financial intelligence which has to be learnt. It also depends on our mind set. Rock Global brings both the Spiritual and educational aspects of teaching people how to become prosperous. We are in the business of coaching individuals and businesses to prosper and excel.

Five prong approach to financial intelligence education

Make your choice and we will provide you with our practical and transformational education that will forever change your life for good.

What next?

Make your company, investment club, and social group the next to benefit from our amazing free seminar and give them this wonderful opportunity to equip them for maximum profit. We are quite prepared to come to you where you are free of charge to introduce our 5-prong investment education.

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