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Our Company Profile

Rock Global Investment Network is one of the world’s best training and consultancy companies. We are dedicated to producing international executive

trainings, onsultancy and courses around the world. We are well qualified and professional active traders with over 20 years of investment.

Based in the UK but with offices in the US, Europe, Dubai (UAE) and Nigeria, it has the spread to reach you anywhere you are in the world. Our portfolio of programmes attracts a truly diverse client-base seeking to acquire the latest international techniques underpinning the rapid development of the international financial markets and the corporate world.

Through our collaborative works with governments and organisations, consultancy and training, we assist in poverty alleviation and reduction, and expansion of wealth creation. Our banking and asset management expertise help ensure that wealth is not only generated but optimally and efficiently managed. Our ultimate goal is good governance, capacity building and wealth creation that will ensure the growth of the economy.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of training as we do not compromise on our standards and professionalism. We have a crop of tested, highly skilled international experts in the field of Central Banking, Investment Strategy and management who together have over 50 years relevant experience in practice.